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 RandomCollapse )

So i've just deleted like 70% of my entries, because I from now on will be only posting usefull stuff.
Or at least, less "I dont know who I like"and such things.

I made a "header post", as in, one that always stays on the top, so look beneath it for the newer things.

I rearranged my tags as well, or more like, I'm still in the middle of doing so.
And I'm going to try to find a better lay-out.
Preeferably one with the tags as a list, rather that all behind each other.
When do you know that you eat to many snacks?

When you can balance a bag of potato chips on your head and walk around with it

Like me . . . 
cleverbot is a vulcan and a liarCollapse )
edward cullen reminds me of a pedobear
MaashiiCollapse )
AhahahaCollapse )
i sang
and i sucked
but i recoreded and uploaded it anyway XD

clickieCollapse )
MilanCollapse )
 i suck at eating icecreams
they always fall of the sticks and stuff

i made a new community
and i must say
its the awesomest community on lj 8D
its called kanfreak 
and it contains list with links to all kind of things realted to my beloveths
(aka  le kanjani8 and ze kanjuu)