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Title: Operation [Personal Hamachan]
Pairing: Hamanaka Bunichi x Hamada Takahiro
Safety level: 100%
Summary: Bunichi liked Hamachan for a long while and intends to make Hamachan his own
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, nothing of the story is proven to be true

Operation [Personal Hamachan]

Plan A: Take by force
When a chance appears, lift Hamachan and run to safety.

Plan B: Trade
Kidnap Daichi and Akito and trade with Junta for Hamachan.

Plan C: Use a trap
Say you have to show him someone and then lock him up.

Plan D: Clone
Steal some DNA and wait until human cloning is done normally.

Plan E: Confess
If all else fails, just confess.


Bunichi looked at the paper before him. 5 plans to capture his Hamachan. It’s not like the other didn’t know that Bunichi liked him, but Hamachan never took it seriously even if he confessed on television. So if this was not the way it worked, Bunichi will try other ways.

Plan A: Take by force
When a chance appears, lift Hamachan and run to safety.

Bunichi has been lingering around the corridors for a couple of hours already. No sign of Hamachan. 
If he had to, he'll stay here even until tomorrow. But eventhough he thought so, he had started to impatiently pace around, from one side of the corridor to the other. Akito who came along looked at him strangly. "What are you doing?" he asked. Bunichi answered "I'm waiting...". The gloomy expression on his face told Akito not to ask more. 

To be honest, Bunichi didn't even know whether or not Hamachan would be around today. But he didnt want to call him either. That would ruin the chance of secretly kidnapping him. Bunichi went to sit down on one of the chairs. Maybe he'll give up for today.

Just as he picked up his bag to leave though, he walked straight into BOYS. Daichi was happily chatting away against Hamachans gently nodding face. They were facing the other way, almost walking around a corner.

Quickly he ran towards the dissappearing backs and jumped violently on Hamachan. 
When he got their attention, he wrapped his arms around Hamachans waist and tried to pull him in the air.

Which didn't work as planned

Both of them fell to the ground. Bunichi right on top of Hamachan, his face pink from emberassement.
Hamachan looked at him confused and even a bit shocked.
Daichi on the other hand was laughing him self to death, only managing to say
"What are you even doing Bunchan?"

Bunichi quickly stood up and mumbled a small "gomen", before he ran to safety,
without Hamachan.

Plan A Failed
Ah~ so cute lol

I love that Kansai Jr ni Q XD too funny.
thank you ^.^
So cute xD Poor Bunchan~
Someone needed to write fic about this - Bunchan's love for Hamachan is so canon ♥ lol
And they really fit well dont you think?
Like even their height difference and such
OMG this is sooo funny from the very beginning !! XD
all the plans are super crack. lol

i dont normally read kansai jr fic but this one hooked me~
cant wait for the next chap :)
thanks for writing~
thank you ^.^
Ill be working on it soon :P
XDD Why I can picture Bun-chan doing something so silly? And confess is the last option, lol. *waiting for the next chap :P*